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Documents and Forms

Client Information

Used for your initial session to identify contact information, massage preferences, health history and consent for treatment.  Feel free to download this form and have it completed prior to your appointment time. 

If any of the above information changes, please download this form, make the necessary changes and email to Lisa@AmethystMassage .com or bring it to your next session.

Policies and Procedures

Information is provided in Policies section. You will receive a copy on your first visit, however if you need another copy you can download it here.

Client Feedback

Used by the client to provide feedback to the therapist.  Can be filled out on-site following appointment or downloaded here and emailed to me at

Invest in Your Health brochure

Information about how massage helps your health and wellness, its positive effects and other benefits.

Foot Reflexology brochure

Information about foot reflexology. Includes graphic foot reflexology chart map.

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